Leverage your AMI System for T&D Operations

On Tuesday, June 2, 2020, Bridgewater Consulting Group (BCG) partnered with CEATI International to present their new webinar, “Leverage Your AMI System for T&D Operations,” hosted by BCG Grid Analytics Lead David Kreiss. 

This informative webinar provided attendees with knowledge for how to implement new capabilities within their existing operations to:

  1. Identify fault location
  2. Support voltage control (VVOS/CVR)
  3. Identify energized downed conductors (high impedance faults)
  4. Predict transformer and cable failures
  5. Identify and help mitigate DER issues, and 
  6. Support ADMS and fault response

To view Bridgewater & CEATI’s “Leverage Your AMI System for T&D Operations” webinar at your convenience, PLEASE CLICK HERE

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