Mark Podorsky

Energy & Utilities Practice Partner

Mark Podorsky brings more than 30 years of professional experience in the industry (with a focus on business operations and systems experience) to his Energy & Utilities Practice Partner leadership role at Bridgewater Consulting Group. He is responsible for business development, strategy, and industry guidance based on regulatory environments, technology advancements, and industry insights. Additionally, he provides executive thought guidance as a member of Bridgewater’s Leadership team.

Before joining the Bridgewater team, Mark served as the Principal Manager of Implementations & Information Governance within Customer Service at Southern California Edison (SCE). He was responsible for the development, execution, and operations of customer-centric programs, customer information governance, data exchange, and third-party integration. Mark also served SCE as its Senior Manager of External Parties & Future Programs. In this role, he managed the implementation of SCE’s home area network (HAN) programs, Green Button compliance and initiatives, and established SCE’s customer information governance strategy.

He originally joined SCE in 2009 as its Senior Manager of Business Integration for Edison SmartConnect – SCE’s award-winning smart meter program. His responsibilities included managing the overall design and integration of Edison SmartConnect products, services, and business processes, as well as leveraging the capabilities enabled by the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

He has served as the Green Button Alliance Vice-Chair and headed both the Global and US Marketing Committee and Subcommittee. Additionally, he’s been a voting member of the California Public Utilities Commission’s Energy Data Access Committee.

Mark earned a BS degree in Mathematics from Loyola University of Chicago.

As a former touring musician, Mark has released three albums and a song on a movie soundtrack. In his spare time, he continues to enjoy playing music and traveling around the globe.